Full Zipper, Short Zipper, No Zipper in Cycling

Full Zipper, Short Zipper, No Zipper in Cycling

Let’s zip this in the bud and maybe get some closure. What’s the deal with all these types of zippers? Do they even matter? The truth is yes. The type of closure on your jersey can make a big difference in your ride from performance to comfort.

Full-Zip Cylcing Jerseys

Our favorite type of jersey is the full-zippered style. This means that the closure runs all the way up the front of the jersey from the bottom to the neck. The full zip makes gearing up super easy because you don’t have to squeeze a tight fit over your shoulders. It’s also helpful during your ride. You can unzip it partially or all the way to allow some air flow and cool off. Keep in mind riding unzipped will cut down on your aerodynamics. This MYN jersey, the NUVOLA Cycling Jersey, is one of our newest additions of full-zip jerseys.

Half-Zip Cycling Jerseys

Not sure if a full-sip is right for you? If you’re looking for a compromise between a full zip and no zipper at all, the half-zip or quarter zip may be perfect for you. These cycling jerseys have a closure that only spans part of the front, usually from the neck to chest. Similar to the full-zip jerseys you can use the closure to allow a little ventilation on unusually hot rides.

No-zip Cycling Jersey

Perhaps the most common type of cycling jersey includes no zipper at all. These jerseys are super aerodynamic and can be very comfortable depending on the fabric and fit. One downside to no-zip jerseys is that it can be difficult squeezing into a race fit jersey if there is no zipper. Also, be sure to select a breathable, well ventilated jersey, like our SPLASH Cycling Jersey, when riding without a zipper. This will help keep you cool and comfortable all ride long.

There is no wrong answer when it comes to picking the right closure for your jersey. You just have to find the cycling jersey that works best for you and your riding style. You may even want to have few of each to keep your options open. You can browse all of our MYN Sport Cycling Jerseys and choose a style that suits you.


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