How to Prevent Saddle Sore

How to Prevent Saddle Sore

We’ve all been there. Following a particularly long ride or during a strict training schedule you start to feel uncomfortable down there. THAT is known as saddle sore. It’s really any discomfort in your seat caused by contact with your bike’s saddle. So, how can you deal with it or even stop it altogether?

If you suffer from saddle soreness it might take you some time to figure out what’s going on. By process of elimination you should get to the bottom of the issue. Here are a few things that you should check.

Proper Fitting Bib Shorts

Your bike shorts should fit nice and snug so that your chamois is held in pace. If your chamois moves during your ride it can create issues. If unaddressed the rubbing can cause chafing and irritation. It can become quite severe. Fortunately there are chamois creams that can help soothe your skin and help get you back to normal. One that we recommend is Ozone Elite.

Other than managing with a cream you should find a bib short that works for you. We have a ton of great cycling bottoms at MYN Sport. There are a variety of sizes and styles. One of our favorites is the MYN R6 Bib Short. You can even use our size chart to help you decide which is right for you.

Find the Right Saddle

There are so many saddle types. Your perfect saddle is out there, so you just have to find it. Bontrager has a very interesting take on how to find the perfect saddle. It’s okay to switch it up if you find that your saddle is not right for you. In cycling it’s all about finding the right gear and bike that fits your riding style. It may take some trial and error, but you will find the perfect setup.

Keep Your Bike Shorts Clean

Keep your bib shorts clean! Hygiene is super important, so make sure to wash your cycling kit in anti-bacterial laundry powder. This will be good for your downstairs comfort and also for all the riders in your cycling group. If you’re looking at any of our cycling shorts, you can refer to our care instructions on the product page.


Even following this guide, a new rider may still experience some discomfort. That’s normal. Your body is just getting use to riding consistently. Once you find the right fit in saddle and short and keep everything clean, you’ll be on your way to riding in complete comfort.


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