Three Must-Haves to Start Cycling Today

Three Must-Haves to Start Cycling Today

Cycling is a sport and pastime that requires dedication, perseverance, training, and the right gear. In fact, having the proper gear in your cycling kit can make or break your experience on every ride you take. Comfort, safety, and fashion are all important considerations when looking at and purchasing new cycling gear. You could go out and buy any cycling gear, but the right cycling bib shorts, lightweight cycling jersey, and properly-fitting helmet will elevate your experience that much more. Why not enjoy the ride?

Three Critical Cycling Kit Components:

Cycling Bib Shorts

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These shorts are specifically designed to stay in place, helping you avoid chafing and saddle sores. Most also have a fair amount of padding to help increase comfort in the saddle; this feature is more important than you might realize, so make sure your pair has it. Bib shorts use breathable, comfortable straps, much like sewn-in suspenders, to keep your shorts from riding down while you ride comfortably. It might seem odd, but a great pair of cycling bib shorts will completely change your experience while riding a bike.

You can find a wide variety of bib shorts in our store. For example, check out our stylish blue and black DENJE Bib Shorts for Cycling, Gravel, MTB, and Touring for men or our FIT - Cycling Bib Shorts with antibacterial foam for women.

A Lightweight Cycling Jersey

For Men | For Women

Having a breathable cycling jersey is incredibly important in your cycling endeavors; staying cool on the road, being able to perspire effectively, and having a top that doesn’t rub or irritate your skin is paramount. However, you also shouldn’t have to overlook fashion. A lightweight cycling jersey is also an expression of who you are and how you ride, so don’t skimp on your jersey!

If you are looking for style and function, MYN breathable cycling jerseys like our TATYOU Printed Cycling Jersey for Men and our WILD FLOWER Cycling Jersey for Women with mesh sides are great options!

A High-Quality Helmet That Fits Properly

Perhaps the most critical piece of equipment in your cycling kit is, none other than, the helmet. It won’t be surprising to you that we recommend a high-quality, well-fitting helmet. After all, protecting your skull is of the utmost importance! 

One thing many new cyclists don’t take into consideration, though, is that a helmet needs to fit your head shape in a very specific way. Take a look at the following tips that will help you determine whether a particular helmet is right for you. Keep in mind that these tips are why you should always try a helmet on in person before purchasing. 

  • The helmet sits horizontal to the ground when on your head.
  • The helmet straps can be tightened properly and aren’t too loose.
  • The helmet does not slip down the back of your head while riding.
  • The helmet protects your forehead while riding.

MYN: Quality for Your Cycling Kit

Here at MYN, we pride ourselves on developing high-quality cycling equipment that also looks fantastic. Our fabrics for our breathable cycling jerseys and bib shorts are chosen carefully and every stitch is crafted with care in Italy. When you purchase from us, you know that your garment is going to last, mile after mile.


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