Why You Should Consider Group Cycling

Why You Should Consider Group Cycling

This one is for all of you solo riders out there. Have you ever thought of joining a cycling group? Switching it up and riding with a group can be challenging, fun, and might just surprise you. We’ve come up with a few reasons you may want to step out of your comfort zone as a cyclist and try riding in a group.

Challenge Yourself as a Cyclist

One of the things we love most about cycling is the challenge. Every time we get on a bike we strive for improvement. Riding with a group is an excellent challenge that can give you a totally new cycling experience.

Group cycling is a great race simulation. Every time you ride in group you’ll get to see how well you keep pace with the rest of the pack. You’ll be challenged to take tighter turns, push harder uphill, and beat your best to get to the front of the group. You can even award a winner at the end of each ride.

You’ll also have a group of trainers there to push you to your best. Solo rides are great for building character and motivation, but having other people there to encourage and challenge you always gives a little extra boost.

 Learn About Gear and Techniques

 Videos, review, and articles are great, but nothing beats live and in person. Group cycling opens up a new world of gear testing. If you are a cycling gear head and you’re not in a group, you need to find one now. What better way to learn about a new cycling jersey, bib or bike than seeing it in action or even trying it.

You can also rely on other group members to learn new techniques. Maybe you have trouble taking tight corners at speed. Or you’re not sure how close is too close to the riders around you. Finding the right group can help you hone those skills and become a better rider. You may even be able to share a little of your own expertise!

Find a New Route

One thing we can all agree on is that cycling is one of the best ways to experience your city. Whether you are downtown, on the open road, in the mountains or by the sea, cycling is unmatched in the opportunity to take it all in. Group cycling is an excellent way to learn routes in your area and experience new places that you may have missed.

Meet Others that Love Cycling

This is our favorite! And it’s not all just about the ride. We love hearing stories of how cycling groups come together. We’ve heard of groups becoming friends and those friends becoming family. The journeys that bring riders into a group can be so inspiring. Sometimes even more so are the journeys they take together after.

Solo rides are great, especially if they motivate you and keep you moving! However, if you are at all interested, we encourage you to find some folks that love cycling and try a group ride.


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